Kensington Hospital

About Us

Kensington Hospital has been serving the community for over 120 years and is the only bilingual/bicultural hospital in Philadelphia.


Kensington Hospital provides quality healthcare through prevention, education, treatment and relief of pain.  We assist those with physical and behavioral disorders.  We are sensitive to both cultural and spiritual needs within our community.


  • Kensington Hospital will continue to be the acute general hospital, which is most closely identified with the North Philadelphia East community;
  • The Hospital will have medical and behavioral health services, which are of high quality, consumer-centered, efficient and customer-friendly;
  • Kensington Hospital will be prepare to serve its patients and community under the framework and incentives of managed care;
  • The Hospital’s staff and Administration are committed to expanding the community’s access to behavioral health services regardless of their ability to pay and outreach healthcare services.


Kensington Hospital’s guiding principles are:

Integrity- We will meet the medical and medically related needs of our patients in the most effective and caring manner.

Sensitivity- We will seek to understand our patients’, clients’ values and concerns so that we can serve them with compassion and sensitivity.

Consistency-   We will be consistent in the delivery of quality care and services to all patients and clients.